Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

Please find below information regarding Remote Learning during the first week of Term 4. Further information regarding onsite learning from Week 2 will be sent out next week, upon DET advice.

Term 4, Week 1 (5-9 October)
All students in Prep-Year 9 will continue remote learning during the first week of Term 4. We will continue to provide onsite supervision to the children of parents/guardians who are not at home during school hours (if you are working from home your children must undertake online learning at home), as well as vulnerable students. We ask that all families please carefully consider the need for attendance at school during this time, with respect to both your own personal situation and for the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community. Please note that the existing model of onsite schooling will remain in place – students who attend onsite will not be attending their normal classes and will continue to work in mixed age class groups with various teachers and staff.

A few minor adjustments have been made regarding student learning in Week 1, taking student wellbeing into consideration:

  • Prep-Year 6: Whole class Zoom meetings will continue throughout the week, however there will be no small group meetings. Furthermore, learning task submissions will not be required for specialist subjects in Week 1. As an alternative, there will be a ‘specialist choice board’ provided on Compass to choose from a range of fun, specialist subject activities throughout the week.
  • Years 3-6: There will be no learning tasks on Wednesday of Week 1, and will instead be replaced by “Wellbeing Wednesday” during which classroom teachers will provide a schedule of activities that students may participate in. Whole class Zoom meetings will still go ahead on this day.
  • Years 7-9: Back due to popular demand, our Secondary students will continue to participate in ‘Cohort Games’, with a winner takes all tournament running across weeks 1-3 in an online capacity. All information regarding these will be on Compass, as well as communicated at Year Level assemblies which will be held during session 2 on the first Monday back