Early Years Science involves hands on activities that allow students to investigate the word around then, make discoveries, and challenge their ideas. We use the E5 learning model; moving through the Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate phases so that students can deepen their science understanding and skills. Incorporating technology is an important part of Early Years Science. We use digital resources to document our investigations and learning, as well as using iPads and apps as an integrated learning tool. The Seesaw app allows students to document and reflect on their learning, and to share and discuss their learning with others.

The Prep students are studying a Biological Science unit ‘Staying alive’, and are investigating food, air, water and shelter as basic needs for animals and humans to survive. Students are developing their observation and recording skills and are advancing their scientific discussion skills.





Year 1
The Year1 students are involved in a Physical Science unit ‘Look! Listen!’, and are exploring light and sound. They are observing how light and sound travel from their sources to our eyes or ears. Students listen to sounds around the school and observe light and dark areas within their environment. Students are using data from their investigations to share their observations.








Year 2
The Year2 students have begun a Biological Science unit ‘Watch it grow!’ whereby the students are exploring how living things grow and change. Students are investigating the life cycles of various species, including humans. Classes observed caterpillars and studied the lifecycle of a butterfly and began comparing their observations to those of others.








Year 3
The Year3 students are studying an Earth and Space unit ‘Night and Day’ where students are investigating the shape, relative sizes and movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon. In addition, students are exploring cycles such as day and night, seasons, and how their shadows change during the day. They are developing their scientific skills by suggesting possible reasons for differences in the others’ results.









Year 4
The Year 4 students have begun an Earth and Space Science unit ‘Our changing Earth’, and students are studying how the earth changes over time. They are exploring the effect of weathering and erosion by using models and investigations, and are developing their skills in recording and sharing their findings.